Why Happy-Tracks?

Happy-Tracks is more reflective of the focus of the blog, our travels.
Daddy (I’m a child of the south, that’s the way Rufus will always be known – no apologies here) was a fan of the song performed on the local AM radio station by Kenny Price.

In the late 1960s/early 1970s, he spent most of his time in a city-owned pickup truck that had a heater and a two-way radio but no entertainment system. Part of his day included stopping by the supply office late in the afternoon to check on supplies for the coming work. He was buddies with the guy who ran the supply department. His buddy would call the local radio station and request that they play Kenny’s Happy Tracks about the time Rufus would come into the office.

Leave a lotta happy tracks as you go down life’s road
Leave a lotta happy tracks everywhere you go
Leave a lotta happy tracks and keep this in mind
Others will have to follow in the path you leave behind

I think it fits and hope you will stay with us.

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